Industry Overview

Meeting Global Challenges - The Need for Stainless Steel

The global demand for clean water and sustainable infrastructure has underscored the imperative to replace aging plastic pipes with high-quality stainless-steel varieties. While our products are currently marketed globally in Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, we are actively expanding our footprint with plans to enter the North American market. ZK International recognizes the global need for reliable water supply systems, positioning itself as a key player in addressing this demand.

Clean Water Initiatives in China and Beyond

Clean water remains a top priority in China, where a seismic shift in population is significantly impacting urban infrastructure. The Chinese Government has allocated $610 billion for water infrastructure between 2011-2030, signaling a commitment to addressing water quality issues. ZK International actively contributes to this initiative, offering solutions that meet the needs of real estate developers and health-conscious customers.